Monday, March 30, 2009

Shakeology Experiment

Beachbody has just released a new nutritional supplement called Shakeology. You can learn more about it here.

I'm a fan of whole foods so I'm always skeptical about "wonder products" that are supposed to be a panacea for a multitude of ills. I recently became a Beachbody coach and they sent me a package of the Greenberry flavor of Shakeology. The past couple of weeks I've not been very good with my eating and I may have imbibed a bit too much when getting together with friends and relatives who had come out to Colorado for some skiing during their Spring Breaks. So this weekend I crafted an idea to do an experiment.

For the next 30 days I am going to replace one meal a day with a Shakeology shake. I am going to continue to do my workouts every day and I'm going to resume eating my healthy, mostly Primal meals and snacks the rest of the day. I will create a post each day that describes what I plan to eat (or have eaten), my workout, and any other relevant statistics. I want to see if Shakeology does indeed do all of the things it claims to do. My goal is to lose seven pounds in the next 30 days. Seven pounds! That doesn't sound like much but I have been stuck at 180-182 for a while now and of course those seven pounds are around my core, the most stubborn area of fat deposits for men.

I plan to weigh myself and take measurements once a week and post them in my Monday blog entry. Now there will be some challenges ahead of me over the next four weeks. First I am going to Augusta next week to see a practice round of the Masters. I'm not expecting sympathy from anyone, but I realize that this will present me with opportunities to eat "not so healthy" food and to possibly have a beer or two along the way. On the plus side I should get some good exercising hiking up and down the verdant but hilly fairways of Augusta.

I also have a couple of business trips coming up this month. But this is real life and I shouldn't try to set up ideal circumstances where I never have to leave the house for 30 days. So the goal is to drop my weight down to 175 and get the body fat percentage at or below 10% all without starving myself or feeling deprived. Here we go!

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