Monday, January 4, 2010

P90X+ Upper Body Plus

Holy Cow! I've done this workout before but it has been a while and it showed. Liberal use of the Pause button.

So far so good with the no grains New Year's resolution. I did allow myself a bit of peppermint bark yesterday (left over from Christmas, gotta get it out of the house) but otherwise eating has been very primal.

Scale weight: 180.6, a three pound drop from Friday's weigh-in. Didn't do any exercise this weekend.

Off to find Kombucha today. Want to give that a try. Otherwise just sticking with primal eating, supplements (fish oil, multivitamin, CoQ10, Milk Thistle, and North American Ginseng), and Apple Cider Vinegar in water.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - New Year, New Fitness Goals

January 1, 2010. OK, I didn't actually finish the year in a strong and primal fashion. Too many goodies and not enough workouts. The month of December began with a trip to Peru, followed closely by a trip to Japan and southeast Asia. My eating habits in Japan were actually pretty good, I stuck mainly to Japanese dishes and, with the exception of the white rice, the food there is very healthy. Peru and southeast Asia were a different story. Still I managed to do some workouts even if it was just push ups and pull ups in my hotel room.

So January 2010 is a Primal reboot. I started the day with a good workout (see below). I'm also doing some intermittent fasting (IF) from 8 pm New Year's eve until Noon today. Then the plan is low carb to no carb eating. For the first two weeks of January my plan is to only consume carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and perhaps a little fruit. I want to limit my carb intake to 50 grams or less per day.

Basically I gained 5.5 lbs during December, going from 178 to 183.6. I'm sure some of that is retained water and it will quickly be shed. I'm not one to fuss too much over a number on a scale but I'll be happy if I can get down to 172 lbs by the end of February.

Here are the workout statistics:

Ab Ripper X (from the P90X program) - 350 total reps from 11 exercises

Push ups
Standard - 50
Decline - 30
Alt. Hand - 20
Stack legs - 15
Military - 15
Clap - 10
Dive Bomb - 10
Total: 150

Pull ups
Chin ups - 12
Pull ups - 08
Close grip - 06
Corn Cob - 04
Alt grip - lft - 05
Alt grip - rgt -05
Total: 50

Kettlebell Swings
Two handed - 40
Left handed - 20
Right handed - 20
Alt. hands - 20
Total: 100

Total reps: 650
Time: 1 hour

I definitely felt the effect of these exercises. I expect to get stronger once I get back to regular workouts and get the junk cleaned out of my system.

Tomorrow I plan to do some Tabata sprints (weather permitting).

Happy New Year!