Monday, March 30, 2009

Shakeology Experiment - Day 1

Day one of the Shakeology experiment. The goal is to lose those last seven pounds in 30 days by replacing one meal with a Shakeology replacement shake.

I'll list each day the supplements I take, my workouts and the food I eat.

Monday, March 30th

1 Equate Complete Multivitamin
2 Rexall fish oil softgels (2400 mg)
1 Origin CO Q-10 softgel (100 mg)
1 Nature Made Vitamin E softgel (400 I.U.)
1 Spring Valley High Potency B-Complex vitamin tablet
2 tsps Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with 1 teaspoon of raw and unfiltered honey and 8 ounces of water. (Twice a day)

P90X Ab Ripper X
P90X Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

P90X Results and Recovery Drink (in place of breakfast) 9:30 am
Shakeology Greenberry Shake with 1 cup of almond milk and 1 small banana 12:30 pm
Almonds and dried cranberries 3:30 pm
Life cereal with 2% milk 4:30 pm (can I make it until dinner?)
Spinach salad with slivered almonds and balsamic vinaigrette dressing 7:00 pm
Whole wheat spaghetti with bolognese sauce
1 small corn bread muffin

500 ml bottled water during workout
Hot chai tea with stevia 10:30 am
Hot chai tea with stevia 4:30 pm
1 5 oz. glass of red wine 7:00 pm

Some days I do my workout in a fasted state and then have a recovery drink in place of breakfast. I had my recovery drink at 9:30 am and my Shakeology meal replacement shake at 12:30 pm. I was extremely hungry between 11 am and 12:30 pm. After finishing the shake I'm no longer feeling hungry. We will see how long that lasts. I hope to make it until 3:30 pm before having an afternoon snack.

Ab Ripper X is not a fun workout. You probably could have guessed that from the name. There are 11 moves in about 17 minutes. For most of the moves you do 25 reps and the last one, the Mason Twist, you do 50 reps.

OK dinner definitely was not Primal! We didn't plan ahead and had nothing else in the house to eat. Grok would have gone hungry but he also slept in a cave. I'll take my lumps and resolve to do better tomorrow. We are planning out a menu for the rest of the week.

Shakeology: Didn't really notice any difference after drinking my shake. In fact I needed a nap this afternoon but that was probably a vestige of my Saturday night poker game that went way too long.

Day 1 in the books. Not a stellar start to my experiment but then again I shouldn't game the system by eating that much different than usual. The whole idea is to see what this product does for me (and to me).

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